“Innovating the Fintech world” We are Mr.Ripple

About us

Jumbo Profit operates “Mr.Ripple”, a crypto currency gateway using the Ripple system.
We aim to become the worlds biggest gateway by having the largest trading volume, amount of currencies and users.
We provide a digital wallet using the Ripple system. Users are able to attain their own wallet and hold all sorts of currencies.

Crypto Currency

Other currencies such as Stellar, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are also available on Mr.Ripple.
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USD USD United State Dollar

Hold USD in your wallet and exchange it to all sorts of other crypto currencies.
Other fiat currencies such as USD,JPY,EUR are also available on Mr.Ripple.

XRP XRP ripple

The main currency for the Ripple system. XRP is a bridge between currencies to lower transaction fees. XRP is also known for its fast transaction compared to Bitcoin transactions.

BTC BTC Bitcoin

The most known crypto currency today. Bitcoin gained attention for its beneficial capabilities. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized platform, users are able to make payments or transfer funds at a very low cost.

We Provide

Fast Deliveries

Our direct payment methods with real time price allows customers to make transactions easily.

Best Price

We provide real time price so you never have to pay too much


Our market making program provides constant liquidity. Our Exchange feature allows you easily exchange any currency to another.

Trading Platform

We provide our customers with advanced trading tools. Build up your trading method and start earning now.

Our Business

Promotion business for the storage, exchange and development of valuable electromagnetic records.
Planning, development production, sales, consignment and consultancy of the web and system services.


Our servers are well protected and we provide a two step authentication for wallets to prevent unauthorized access.

Jumbo Profit

Rm. 1502, Tung Hip Commercial Bldg., 244-252 Des Voeux Rd. C., Hong Kong

  • Founded 29th June 2012
  • Hours: 10am-6pm (Monday-Friday)

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